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This page provides informative College Day handouts and take-home activities that you can print and hand out to students. The list of handouts also includes a Family & Community Conference Flier, which is a college-going conference that the entire family can attend.


  • NEW! Student Activity Handout: Conducting Basic Career, Program/Major, and College Searches (PDF Format, 68 KB)
    This single-page handout provides instructions to help students search and save careers, majors, and colleges in their portfolio on CaliforniaColleges.edu.
  • NEW! Most Frequently Used Terms to Know for Career Planning (PDF Format, 262 KB)
    This 2-page handout is intended for students who are beginning or are continuing their exploration of careers. It defines the most frequently used terms to know for career planning and beyond. These terms are most frequently seen in the Career Planning section on CaliforniaColleges.edu.
  • College Day Flier (PDF Format, 502 KB)
    You can post this "Destination: College" flier around campus and in your classroom, and also print it to sent home with students to share with their families.
  • Education Journey Take-Home Activity
    This 1-page handout provides a list of questions that students can ask family members as a way to help guide thoughtful conversations about the educational journey and the students' college dreams.
    English Version (PDF Format, 198 KB)
    Spanish Version (PDF Format, 166 KB)
  • How to Get to College
    This 4-page handout from California State University, titled "How to Get to College," identifies the academic steps that college-bound students need to take at each grade level, from 6th through 12th grades.
    English/Spanish Version (PDF Format, 1,243 KB)
    English/Chinese Version (PDF Format, 1,813 KB)
    English/Vietnamese Version (PDF Format, 1,336 KB)
    English/Korean Version (PDF Format, 1,659 KB)
    English/Tagalog Version (PDF Format, 1,251 KB)
    English/Luiseño Version (PDF Format, 555 KB)
  • Pathways to the University of California
    This 4-page handout for students and families, titled "Pathways to the University of California," describes the steps to University of California admission.
    English Version (PDF Format, 1.0 MB)
    Spanish Version (PDF Format, 965 KB)
  • Family & Community Conference Flier
    This 1-page flier informs students and their families about the FREE Family & Community Conference on November 1, 2014, which helps them learn about preparing, saving, and paying for college.
    English Version (PDF Format, 117 KB)
    Spanish Version (PDF Format, 113 KB)


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